What can Chiropractic do for you?

Chiropractors do assist many professional athletes!

Chiropractic has helped bring many famous athletes back to sport after being injured. In fact many professional athletes use chiropractic not only for injury management and prevention, but also for performance enhancement.  Chiropractors do assist many professional athletes in this area
Chiropractic care helps restore the normal function to joints that are not functioning properly, and may also help relieve pain and inflammation. In the past, sports injuries were mostly limited to professional athletes, young people participating in school sports programs, and men participating in weekend activities. However more and more people of all ages and both sexes are doing regular sports and fitness activities. There are even women now doing traditional men’s sports such as soccer, basketball and rugby. However the majority of people are involved in such activities as golf, tennis, running and activities such as aerobic classes or weight training. No matter what activity one does, there is always the risk of injury. Injury can be broken down into two basic types, one from trauma such as a slip, fall or collision and the other being of the over-use or repetitive stress variety